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Albrecht Weinert

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Archiv für 2012

Albrecht Weinert

Linux Mint (14 e.g.) for development

This is about installing Linux Mint – 14 for example, as just actual as of this writing – for development purposes on several laptop and workstation platforms.

An actual, full and more elaborate version of this article is found at a-weinert.de/pub/Mint_for_Development.pdf.


“For Development” in the cases reported means to have a SVN client also integrated in the actual explorer – whatever its current name is in respective distribution – and in Eclipse. It means to have an actual Oracle JRE / … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

A first character range filter with XSLT 1.0

This is a tip about Implementing a first character range filter with pure XSLT 1.0.

Though being a bit out of the main hype, XML data files and transforming style sheets are still attractive to separate data and rendering. So this might be helpful for regular xml / xls users / writers.

The problem

The transformers and and their description, existing in version XSLT 2.0, are quite power­ful, as soon as being accustomed to xls’ scatterbrained … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Impress looses images

Those using and modifying slide shows using impress should be warned. They may loose any amount of embedded pictures … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Linux Mint (12, 13 ..) is it!

Alles fing mit Windows 7 auf einem betagten Fujitsu Siemens Notebook an, dessen XP-Installation sich

a) nicht beschädigungsfrei aus einer Domain-Mitgliedschaft lösen und

b) dann nicht mehr gut reparieren / aufdaten ließ.

Also radikaler Schnitt:

Zum neuen Windows 7

Alles platt und Windows 7 (Firmen bulk licence) drauf. Es lief toll. Warum haben wir das nicht schon viel früher … weiter lesen »

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