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Albrecht Weinert

Handle Office2007 files

Know how to handle Office2007-formats w/o having this Version.

You might sometimes get Office2007-files, „.docx“ en lieu de „.doc“ and so on, from your partners. With older Versions, Office2003 or Office2000, you’re lost. Neither can handle these new Microsoft-formats. And at the time of this writing (Oct. 2008) it’s not clear when Staroffice / Openoffice will be able to. *)

If you have Office 2000 or 2003 you don’t have to bother your partners with the request for .doc, .xls etc., and disturb their pride in having Office2007 or later. Microsoft itself delivers a simple and robust solution. Donwload

05.10.2008    14:23   29.011.992   FileFormatConverters.exe

and run it once. It’s an installer, that adds the abilitity to handle the new formats to your Office2000/3-Installation.
*) In between (2011) Openoffice and Libreoffice will try to open .docx mostly with good success.

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