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Albrecht Weinert

Impress looses images

Those using and modifying slide shows using impress should be warned. They may loose any amount of embedded pictures by applying even the tiniest change — like just correcting one spelling error.

If that happens the file (.odp) is irreversibly corrupted: you see empty frames en lieu de pictures gone. Affected are several versions of open and libre office, including OpenOffice 3.4.1. and 4.0.1. All in all, here, OpenOffice is worse than libre.

The situation is an absolute show stopper for professional (if not any) use of impress. So the alternatives are:

a) Go back to PowerPoint.

b) Make a safety copy of respectively commit any functional state. Export it to .pdf (in full quality and with all fonts and else embedded). Check if that .pdf looks like it should. Archive that .pdf or put it under version control too.

It may turn out the safed .pdf being the only way to determine how the slides once had looked like.

In between another show stopper came up (in which LibreOffice is worse than open): the manual layout of connectors (aka skewing) is totally lost at every change of the slides, however little and unrelated to the connectors.

One comment on “Impress looses images”

  1. Albrecht Weinert on Feb 17th, 2013 at 12:27  

    Additionally it turns out Impress being unable to pdf-export handouts. At some seminars handouts for the customers are absolutely required. So the Impress user has to resort to other tools here, too.

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