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Albrecht Weinert

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Albrecht Weinert

Linux Mint (14 e.g.) for development

This is about installing Linux Mint – 14 for example, as just actual as of this writing – for development purposes on several laptop and workstation platforms.

An actual, full and more elaborate version of this article is found at a-weinert.de/pub/Mint_for_Development.pdf.


“For Development” in the cases reported means to have a SVN client also integrated in the actual explorer – whatever its current name is in respective distribution – and in Eclipse. It means to have an actual Oracle JRE / … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

A first character range filter with XSLT 1.0

This is a tip about Implementing a first character range filter with pure XSLT 1.0.

Though being a bit out of the main hype, XML data files and transforming style sheets are still attractive to separate data and rendering. So this might be helpful for regular xml / xls users / writers.

The problem

The transformers and and their description, existing in version XSLT 2.0, are quite power­ful, as soon as being accustomed to xls’ scatterbrained … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Impress looses images

Those using and modifying slide shows using impress should be warned. They may loose any amount of embedded pictures … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Linux Mint (12, 13 ..) is it!

Alles fing mit Windows 7 auf einem betagten Fujitsu Siemens Notebook an, dessen XP-Installation sich

a) nicht beschädigungsfrei aus einer Domain-Mitgliedschaft lösen und

b) dann nicht mehr gut reparieren / aufdaten ließ.

Also radikaler Schnitt:

Zum neuen Windows 7

Alles platt und Windows 7 (Firmen bulk licence) drauf. Es lief toll. Warum haben wir das nicht schon viel früher … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

WordPress (en)

This Blog hosted at 1&1 uses WordPress. Please find here some remarks on usage and experiences.

The Software

This blog is running since 2008 starting with WordPress’s German version 2.6.0 and using a modified TerraFirma theme (see below). In August 2009 it was updated to 2.8.4 “by hand”.

In January 2013 it was switched over to a (new) MySQL5.0 as the old 4.0 one (in contract 1&1 business 5) was no more connectable by php. Experiments to migrate the whole thing (incuding users, passwords, permalinks, design and all) to another (1&1 virtual) server and WordPress 3.5 run technically OK but in the end un-satisfctory — put mildly … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

A comprehensive German dictionary for Eclipse

If your HTML, XML and JavaDoc or Doxygen is to some extend German (and not just English) Eclipse’s spell checker gets more bothering than a help. Here the developer gets a comprehensive German dictionary containing more than 22 800 word forms including OO, Java and process … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert


Dieser bei 1&1 gehostete Blog verwendet WordPress. Hier finden Sie ein paar Anmerkungen zum Einsatz und Erfahrungen.

Die Software

Dieser Blog lief seit 2008 mit der deutschen Version 2.6.0 von WordPress und benutzte damals ein modifiziertes TerraFirma-theme (siehe unten). Im August 2009 wurde (händisch) auf 2.8.4 … weiter lesen »

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