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Archive on 'Werkzeuge (Tools)'

Embedded systems using AVR ATmega controllers are usually (best) implemented in pure C with a (WIN-avr) GCC toolchain. RAM is often the tightest ressource and sometimes developers fear the stack might collide … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Make Subversion keep mTime

Subversion (SVN) is a good versioning system and still "the" standard. Nevertheless, it has one big deficiency:
    SVN destroys the file modification meta info (mTime for short).
See also this older contribution. Since then the frustating discussion is still on. In the meantime you can have some SVN clients taking the commit time instead of the check out time as the file’s … weiter lesen »

This is an AVR ATmega develepment report on a serial bootloader for ATmega1284P, ATmega328P and ATmega2560 based systems. The advantages of this bootloader are:

  • No (more) need for extra programming hardware
  • Using a standard communication link, often used anyway in normal operation
  • Using a standard programming protocol (AVR109)
  • Utilising the standard professional tool chain
  • Good integration / co-operation with system / application software
  • Available without fee, open source
  • ArduinoMega’s “jail break” – Free Arduino!

… weiter lesen »

Dies ist ein Entwicklungsbericht ĂĽber einen seriellen Bootlader fĂĽr ATmega1284P, ATmega328P und ATmega2560 basierte Systeme. Seine VorzĂĽge sind:

  • keine Programmierhardware mehr nötig
  • Nutzung von Standardkommunikationsschnittstellen, welche fĂĽr den normalen Betrieb häufig sowieso verwendet werden
  • Verwendung des verbreiteten Standardprotokolls AVR109 fĂĽr Programmiergeräte bzw. Bootlader
  • Passend zu professionell ĂĽblicherweise genutzten Werkzeigketten
  • Gute Intergration / gutes Zusammenwirken mit der System- / Anwendungssoftware
  • Ohne LizenzgebĂĽhren, open source
  • Befreit Arduino — ArduinoMega’s “jail break”

… weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Integrating WordPress 3 into an existing website

A medium sized (>2000 files) website maintained for a customer consisted on mainly static php, html and xml with client side transforms. The rendering was governed by a 6K css file and some js (JQuerry) to have drop down menus and optional image slide shows.

The desire to have a browser access to content management arose. It was decided to use WordPress 3 to … read more (.pdf)

Albrecht Weinert

A first character range filter with XSLT 1.0

This is a tip about Implementing a first character range filter with pure XSLT 1.0.

Though being a bit out of the main hype, XML data files and transforming style sheets are still attractive to separate data and rendering. So this might be helpful for regular xml / xls users / writers.

The problem

The transformers and and their description, existing in version XSLT 2.0, are quite power­ful, as soon as being accustomed to xls‘ scatterbrained … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Impress looses images

Those using and modifying slide shows using impress should be warned. They may loose any amount of embedded pictures … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Subversion’s big bug – a repair

Being a good versioning system and "the" standard Subversion (SVN) nevertheless has some deficiencies mentioned in the (German) Tutorial

Subversion — on Windows with Active Directory

Download: http://a-weinert.de/pub/svn-win-de.pdf

One of the worst bugs: SVN ignores and forgets the file modification time (mTime) on first … weiter lesen »

Albrecht Weinert

Subversion on Windows

The Tutorial

Subversion — on Windows with Active Directory

is available in German language as

Subversion — mit Windows und Active Directory

It describes the installation and the experiences gained with an subversion (SVN) server in a Windows domain environment.

Authentication of SVN clients (Browser, Eclipse, svn.exe, Tortoise etc.) is done — of course — using the Active Directory domain accounts.

Download: http://a-weinert.de/pub/svn-win-de.pdf

Comments, corrections, completions and translations are welcome.

Albrecht Weinert

Windows (2003) DNS and DHCP from command line

Administering a well running DHCP and DNS on a Windows 2003 server is quite easy with the graphical tools — if the domain and number of tasks is small. But sooner or later the administrator wants automating those tasks … weiter lesen »

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