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Albrecht Weinert

Making WordPress 3 bilingual

WordPress (WP) is often used as a Blog or small content management (CM) system be it stand alone or as integral part ([1]) of an existing website or as companion with existing sites using the same style and look. Some websites are multilingual for good reasons offering content in say English, German, French, Italian, Croatian or further languages.
Then there will be

  • articles in different languages in the sense of partly publishing in English and, for example, mainly in German,
  • the same article / content in different languages in the sense of offering a number of translations


  • offering the site’s technical requisites, like menu, navigation, pop-up help texts or titles etc., in different languages.

The latter may be implemented — and often is welcome — even if an article is given in just one language. Also note, that the language of menus and other requisites cannot be directly tied to an article’s language. WP’s overview, archive, search results etc. may show (excepts of) many articles/pages and hence show more than one language on one web page.

If that all is implemented in websites the same multilingualism would be expected from CMs and Blogs as a matter of course, especially when integrated to or looking alike a multilingual site. But WordPress is by design monolingual …. [read more]..

Download: a-weinert.de/pub/Wordpress3Biling.pdf
and (as base): a-weinert.de/pub/Wordpress3Integr.pdf

Making WordPress 3 bilingual — Table of content

1.  ¬†Motivation
1.1 ¬†¬†Requirement and WordPress‘ deficiencies
1.2   Reduced requirement
1.3   Pre-requisites
2.  ¬†Solution, implementation
2.1   Bilingual menus and else  
2.2   The language choice  
2.3   Translated / multilingual content  
3. ¬†  Resume
A    Abbreviations
L    References

Comments and translations are welcome.

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